Angelica Rodriguez, Arizona Learning Institute

Angelica Rodriguez, Arizona Learning InstituteAngelica Rodriguez


* Social Work  * Community Development * Parenting Skills Training  * Facilitation Services & Training * Family, Abuse, Child Protection    * Spanish Interpreter Services* Early Childhood Development – Parent Training    *  Customer Service * Early Childhood Developmental & Literacy Screening


2006 – 2014  Partners In Participation, LLC. Associate

  • Early Childhood Program, Parents & Caregiver trainings dealing w/ children 0-5
  • Readiness Basket Program Coordinator
  • Program and materials design
  • Coordination with partners and private donors
  • Mentoring to co-facilitators
  • Readiness Basket trainer/facilitator and mentor
  • Get Ready to Read, Pre-Literacy Screening to children 3-5
  • ASQ3 and S/E screening, children 0-5

Facilitation Training:

  • Training and facilitation program for Catholic Missioners in Miami, FL
  • Leadership training for parents of Murphy School District and Facilitation training for Parents Summer Academy for Osborn School District 2007- 2008,  2009 and 2010

2010 – 2012  Arizona Learning Institute (as a Partner In Participation Independent Contractor)

  • First Things First Early Childhood Parent Training Program w/Town of Gila Bend
  • 4 yrs. Readiness Basket Programs in Gila Bend & Paloma areas
  • Parents Facilitation and Leadership Program – Gila Bend
  • ASQ-3, SE, Get Ready to Read, Vision & Hearing Screenings 0-5
  • Family Literacy Community events
  • Parents/caregivers support group
  • Case Management & On-Line Data Base Development

2006 – 2012  Arizona Literacy and Learning Center (as a Partner In Participation Independent Contractor)

  • Developmental Screenings follow up; ELOA Grant w/ VSUW collaboration
  • Developmental Screening to children 3-5 years of age
  • Get Ready to Read, Pre-Literacy screenings for children 3-5 years old
  • Readiness Basket Parent Training for VSUW and other private foundation

2001 – 2006  The Institute of Cultural Affairs USA, Phoenix, Arizona

Early Childhood Programs:

  • Learning Basket, Phoenix Coordinator

Responsibilities included:

  • Facilitation and training in the Learning Basket Approach for children between 0-3 years old
  • Qualified Trainer, Childcare Practitioner Training, in the use of Learning Basket Approaches, e.g. Early Head Start.
  • Trainer and mentor in Parent Education (parenting Classes) of Learning Basket Program
  • Learning Basket course coordination, contact and follow-up for ongoing courses

1989 – 2001   The Institute of Cultural Affairs USA Phoenix, Arizona

Office administrator and Hispanic Community Services Staff
Responsibilities included:

  • Facilitation and training in the Technology of Participation methods in Spanish
  • Technical Assistance to both urban and rural communities in Phoenix and around Yuma, AZ, including planning community activities and forming neighborhood associations.
  • Coordination of the four year, inter city Phoenix,  Garfield  Neighborhood Community Project
  • Office Administration, including multiple project coordination

1987 – 1989  Residential Learning Center, Seattle, Washington:

Community and Youth Programs Coordinator
Responsibilities included:

  • Developing the curriculum for a multicultural youth training program.
  • Facilitating the Imaginal Education training program designed to enhance the self-image of youth and community groups.
  • Developing other Spanish-language programs for youth

1985 – 1987  The Institute of Cultural Affairs Peru, Lima and Azpitia:

Coordinator of the Azpitia Human Development Project
Responsibilities included:

  • Implementing a reforestation campaign through the organization of twenty communities along the Southern cost Peru
  • Conducting Fourteen Human Development Training Schools for Community leaders
  • Coordination of community activities.

1983 – 1984   The Institute of Cultural Affairs Chile, Santiago:

Responsibilities included:

  • Facilitating Community Development Training courses
  • Facilitating the formation of five youth groups involving over one hundred youth
  • Instructor of Imaginal education high school seminars
  • Office financial administrator


  • 1992 and 1993 Garfield Neighborhood Community Project
  • City of Phoenix, Community That Work Contest
    • Excellent Partnership Development Awards
    • Community Development Excellent Award
    • Community Leadership Excellent Award

Personal Details:

Education: Holds Chilean equivalent to a US Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
Salt River Community College, Phoenix Community College and Arizona State University

Early Childhood Education/Trainings:

  • Organizational Professional Development, ADE & FTF Conference Trainings, multiple trainings: Parents as 1st Teachers, UK, Institute of Cultural Affairs Learning Basket
  • ASQ-3 & SE Basic and Online Usage for Developmental Screening & Data Base Development
  • AZ Early Childhood Standards training & usage of Teaching Strategies Gold w/ Activities
  • Instructor for international Early Childhood Interested Professionals coming to Gila Bend, AZ to learn to implement Readiness Basket in Guatemala & Columbia
  • Texas Scottish Rite Hospital’s Children’s Dyslexia and Adult Literacy Programs

Language: Spanish and English (Second language)

Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and Page Maker

Current Membership:

  • Delta Kappa Gamma International Education Society for Women
  • DKG Latin American Committee for Networking Educational Policy & Programs


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