First Thing First (FTF)
SW Regional Screening Network

Development of the Network

In April of 2014, the First Things First (FTF) Southwest Regional Screening Network was implemented. Coordinating partners of the SW Network are the Town of Gila Bend’s Family Resource Center (FRC), their grantee Arizona Learning Institute’s Readiness Basket Program and the Buckeye FRC. Other participating FTF South West Council area partners in screening are Pilgrim Rest Foundation’s Nurturing Parents and Kids Watch Programs, Avondale Care 1st Family Resource Center, and the Buckeye, Gila Bend, and Paloma Preschools and Elementary Schools. This network is the first step in developing a seamless approach to meeting family and children’s needs through the use of screenings and a collaborative data base throughout the FTF-SW Maricopa Council Region.

With the Gila Bend and Buckeye FRC staff leading the collaboration for purchase and collaborative usage of new sensory equipment, the Buckeye FRC was able to join Gila Bend in a collaborative use of the ASQ on-line Data Base System; allowing more support for initial and follow-up of children and family needs, that include more than just developmental and sensory screening, but case management.

As the network is developing other collaborating partners with community support in their grants included Child and Family Resources’ Bright Future’s Program, Maricopa County Department of Public Health’s First Teeth First Program and the Lion’s Club International Kids Sight USA 6 to 6 Project. These partners provided personnel, equipment, and vision training for both the Buckeye and Gila Bend FRCs. There is now a closer relationship between the Buckeye School District and the FRC and the Gila Bend/Paloma Schools with the GB-FRC where a seamless approach to identifying and meeting family and children’s needs has developed.

Gila Bend and Buckeye FRCs collaborate with the Arizona Learning Institute (ALI) which is charged with coordinating the Screening Network’s activities to insure that FTF and AZ State Standards for Developmental and Sensory Screenings are being met. Monies were leveraged between Gila Bend’s Readiness Basket program and BRFC to meet the standards for equipment purchase, training, and consulting for procedural best practices. The following equipment now available through the SW Regional Screening Network and offered to trained partners meeting the standards includes: 2-Ero Scan OAE Hearing Screening Machines, 2-Pure Tone Audiometers, and 1-SPOT Vision Screener and 2-Color Vision Test Kits. Buckeye also has access to a second SPOT Vision Screener through a gift to the school district and can only be used by BFRC staff. Having up to date and state-of-the art-equipment allows those in the SW Maricopa Screening Network to better meet the needs of its families and children.

ALI is coordinating the network’s screening calendar for equipment usage, screener training, and screener availability. Collaborations between partners allows Buckeye to be the center for storing and loaning the equipment to the others. The strength of the network collaboration allows the sharing of information, procedures, and equipment to not only save money, but to meet the greater needs of the SW Maricopa Regional Council area.

Hearing Screening OAE Equipment with Program Coordinator and Network Member - First Things First SW Regional Screening Network, FTF, an Arizona Learning Institute Program

Hearing Screening in Action
with Program Coordinator

Hearing Screening

Hearing Screening OAE Equipment with Network Coordinator and Member

Vision Screening - First Things First

Vision Screening
















For additional information e-mail Elaine Chan, Network Coordinator.