The Readiness Basket

The Readiness Basket is a program especially designed for parents, child care providers and their newborn babies to five-year olds. The program consists of 11 sessions, two hours each of instruction and one hour before and one hour after may include individual parent follow-up meetings on screening or family needs. Having two facilitators allows for a male or female approach for these meetings. Classes can be delivered in either English, Spanish, or bilingually.  The program promotes and strengthens the skills of parents and caregivers as the first and most important teachers of their children with emphasis on school readiness. Over 100 resources are given out during these sessions.

Readiness Basket Basic Sessions and Topics

 Session 1: Program Introduction and Brain Development

 Session 2: Brain Development, the “Pruning” of the Brain Cells

Session 3:  Brain Development and Play

Session 4: Brain Development and Language

Session 5: Children Learn Through Senses

Session 6: Children and Home Safety

Session 7: Parents Some Times Need Help: parents networking support

Session 8: Child Development Stages (ASQ & Get Ready to Read Screenings for developmental & School Readiness are emphasized, often with the use of “real” screening data for the children involved with RB parents.)

Session 9: Kindergarten Transition (AZ Early Childhood & Kindergarten Standards are again reviewed in this session)

Session 10: Discipline Workshop, Set Limit with Love

Session 11: Program Evaluation and Celebration

These sessions may take place in a different order and parts are reinforced in several days. Session 8, Child Development runs through the entire series as does the AZ Early Childhood & K Standards and screening information. A continuous case management approach for families is used when screening results or other family needs are noted in the class.


Support Group Sessions:

Session 1: Use of Early Childhood Standards: Continued brain development discussions and using multiple ASQ & sensory screening information of the participant’s children: Recognizing a “real” developmental delay and/or need for enrichment for children showing strengths. Awareness of school readiness expectations from the Arizona State Early Childhood Standards is developed.

Session 2:  More in-depth developmental discussions are continued from the Readiness Basket’s Basic Course: “Are referrals needed or are the concerns from screening more a parent need to work with their child?”

Session 3: Language & Communication discussions continued with emphasis on: “is it a delay or how to move from a first language (Spanish) to English?”

Session 4: “What’s normal?” An expansion of guided play to increase parenting skills for child’s preparation to enter K.

Session 5: Continued awareness and skill building in parents for child’s social and emotional development (parents evaluate themselves & their use of discipline skills).

Session 6: Continued activities for literacy and math development using the State Early Childhood Standards and Get Ready to Read screening tool and activities.

Session 7: Continued activities for Science development using the State Early Childhood Standards

Session 8: Continued development of child advocacy and parenting w/community service.


Samples of additional events developed through both the Readiness Basic and Support Group Classes:

Literacy nights

Family readiness

Community picnics

Summer day class activities

Community health fairs & clean-up days

Parent led children activity days

Parent bonding celebrations