Image of Readiness Basket, Arizona Learning Institute

(formerly known as the Learning Basket®)

Health & Education Support Projects for Parents & Caregivers with Children Birth – 5 Years

Image of Readiness Basket, Arizona Learning Institute

Child playing with a Facilitator’s Readiness Basket

History, Evidenced Base Content & Methods The Readiness Basket is an updated Arizona program originally created  for parents with children birth to three years by K. Elise Packard, Ph.D. for the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA-USA) who named it the Learning Basket.  The Learning Basket is used in 43 countries.  In 2006, the ICA consolidated their offices delegating delivery of programs to its broad network of trainers, associates, and partner organizations.  Partners in Participation, the Valley of the Sun United Way, and Dr. Marj Jones continued the services and updated  the program to include new and expanded readiness curriculum areas . This included developing parent awareness of  Arizona’s new preschool standards.  In 2006, the program was re-named  The Readiness Basket. It is offered to parents from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds who have children birth to five and is used in 22 Arizona sites in 75 programs serving more than 1400 children.

Curriculum & Techniques

Parent Education & Leadership Training

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