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The Readiness Basket

              A collaboration between AZ Learning Institute &                                 Partners in Participation

  • The Readiness Basket:  Parent Education & Leadership Training
    Proven Quality & In-depth Cumulative Workshop Series

Empowering Parents to be Their Child’s First Teacher
The Readiness Basket, a bilingual (English/Spanish) training, is an exciting interactive parent and child learning workshop series offered through selected AZ schools, community sites, and Family Resource Centers for over 11 years. The program is offered to parents, caregivers and their young children ages 0 – 5. During the series of 11 two hour instructional sessions, parents discuss issues vital to parenting, brain development, the importance of play, discipline techniques and school readiness.

Participant will:

  • Understand the developmental stages and the critical nature of the first five years in nurturing a child’s optimal development
  • Understand child brain development as it applies to communications (language), motor skills, reading, math, social and emotional development.
  • Understand the importance of guided play in the development of a young child
  • Understand developmental, sensory, and pre-reading screening is essential for checking a child’s developmental progress.
  • Learn over 100 developmental appropriate activities to nurture learning for children 0 – 5 years old
  • Prepare their children for Kindergarten using the AZ Early Education Standards
  • Gain leadership skills by conducting group conversations, team work, participate in the role play of presentations, and take part in developing community activities that further early childhood and literacy development.

Readiness Basket (RB)

Series is implemented to serve approx. 20-25 parents. RB has dealt with as many as 38 registered in some Phoenix area schools, while rural areas may vary between 10-20 participants.

The Readiness Basket Network includes:

  • Arizona Learning Institute, Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services, Town of Gila Bend First First Things First supported Parent Education training through Readiness Basket Basic Workshop Series and Readiness Basket Support Series in Gila Bend and Paloma, AZ.
  • Nurturing Parents Series (FTF funded) a collaborative Parent Education Training for parents in Paloma, AZ who had finished the Basic Readiness Basic Course.
  • Arizona Literacy and Learning Center and Valley of the Sun United Way
    Readiness Basket Programs for: Washington, Cartwright, Phoenix Elementary #1, Avondale, Scottsdale, Chandler and Fowler School Districts
  • Murphy School District
    Parent leadership training and Readiness Basket Parent Workshop Series for Sullivan, Garcia, Hamilton and Kuban Elementary Schools
  • Osborn School District
    Parent leadership training and Readiness Basket Parent Workshop Series for Encanto, Solano, Montecito and Longview Elementary Schools
  • Pendergast School District
    Parent leadership training and Readiness Basket Parent Workshop Series for parents
  • International Cultural Agency (Chicago, IL)
    Parent education, Readiness Basket Basic Classes, leadership training, community organizing, and networking internationally

Costs Per Site 
Costs vary depending on the type of site and potential for collaboration with site staff on space, recruitment, family support, and site sponsored events that can be combined with Readiness Basket curriculum events Health Fairs, Dental Screenings, Car Seats, Children’s books, awards, classroom supplies for both parent & separate child classrooms, CPR, Literacy Night etc. Cost can be separated by Readiness Baskets Series, Basic or Support and Developmental Screenings and tele-support.

  • If  developmental screenings are done at family resource centers, community sites, or school health fairs, Readiness Basket & AZ Learning Institute can take care of organizing and furnishing staff and equipment.  ASQ developmental screenings, Get Ready to Read screenings can be given manually.  If the site is part of ALI’s ASQ on-line Enterprise System data base entry of child & parent profiles, screenings, results, and  coordinating reports and recommendations from all entities can be developed.
  • Training and screening results interpretation (analysis) for this type of screening is provided by ALI staff, Dr. Jones or Sally Visnansky.
  • Individual follow-up is a case management model done in Readiness Basket classes before or after instructional time. Generalized instruction on overall developmental areas is worked into the Readiness Basket classes with regard to parents having their child and understanding the age appropriate developmental benchmarks. In rural areas like Gila Bend, AZ a trained local person is employed by ALI and often does ASQ screenings in homes and part of the case management. Electronic (tele-support) access to Dr. Jones, Ms. Visnansky and/or the Readiness Basket facilitators is available.

Graduates’ Comments

“Readiness Basket is an unbelievable parent/child program. We couldn’t be happier with our 6 year partnership. We were so pleased to have our Family Resource Liaisons and parents enrolled in the different Readiness Basket Projects.”
-Murphy School District Family Resource Coordinator

“This is a very excellent program. It has given the parents those steps they need to become successful parents/leaders for their children and others.”
-Parent Participant

“I think every parent should take this program. It helps, educates and transforms parents to be the first and most important teachers of their children.”
-Parent Participant

“Having screening information has been very helpful from moving my child who was failing to see him now making good grades. Readiness Basket really helps me.”
-Parent Participant-Gila Bend

“Readiness Basket gave me so many ideas, that my house now looks like a school. It’s really fun for both my son and me.”
 -Parent Participant in Gila Bend

“I can’t thank Readiness Basket facilitators enough for meeting me at Children’s Hospital and help take care of my daughter when her brother had to go to emergency and my father had to go back to Gila Bend for his job.”
-Parent Participant in Gila Bend

“Thank you Readiness Basket for helping me understand what the doctor has said about what my son should eat after he got out of the hospital. I really didn’t understand what I was to buy and how to fix it. You really, helped!”
-Parent Participant in Gila Bend                                                                                                                                                                                   

“Readiness Basket: So glad we found you. As Grandparents raising a child and living in Dateland, we didn’t how what kind of help we could get at the Family Resource Center in Gila Bend. Your help in getting us a car seat and Dental Screening was so important. We will be at the next Readiness Basket class!”
-New Grandparent Participant –Dateland, AZ