Reading_Detectives_jpgReading Detectives

Parent Reflections


Question: Is this literacy class what you wanted?

Parent:  “It is better than a regular English Class that I took because we are learning sounds and how to make words. It really is helping me to help my child.”

Parent: “My daughter came home and was practicing her long and short vowels. She was surprised that I knew what they were and could help her. This class is really helping me.”

Parent: College mom in class said, “even though I speak English and have taken the Spaulding Class, which is like this one, the Reading Detectives class is giving me more phonograms, specific phonics rules, and dictionary sound clues that I didn’t get in my other class. Things like diagraphs were never emphasized. This is better so I can help my kids sound out when you know what you are doing.”

Parent with tears in her eyes: “Thank you so much for offering this class to us. I really never knew what I needed to know to help my children.”

Parent: “Thanks for the sounds CD. I put in on while I am cooking. My daughter knows some of this from school and we practice together.”

Parent: “I know that you said the cursive writing practice was to help with sound letter association, but it has so improved my writing that when I signed a check at the bank, they had to check since it no longer was like my first signature.”

Parent: “My reading vocabulary is getting better. My children and I can talk about their school work and we understand each other like what is are the types of vowels, what is a diagraph, what are the rules for CVC sounds.”

Parent: “I feel like this class is not talking down to me, but thinks I can understand the brain and multi-sensory approach to our learning. Even our trainer and others have said they are learning new things in this program.”

Observations from Facilitators:

Originally there were 32 parents who applied for the class, we could only take 20, 12 went on a waiting list. During the first two weeks, some on the waiting list would line up at the door to see if someone would drop and they could take their place. They are really pushing to know if there will be a class next year.

Parents are no longer embarrassed and really make a game of alphabet sequencing.  When in the beginning many just sat, not knowing what letters went in sequence. They are getting much faster and trying to beat their earlier scores.

Many are also feeling less embarrassed as they are called upon to answer questions and read out loud.

In the beginning of class, many did not know how to write in cursive and even had difficulty copying cursive samples. They like cursive, makes them feel important to be able to write in cursive.

Many class members were scared to try to write in their workbooks or get up and write samples on the board. Know they are volunteering to see who might be first to go to the board.

Parents wanted homework. All parents have cell phones. Trainer started texting homework assignments and parents bring homework back to class. Texting really is increasing parent skills.

Parents are practicing reading school notes & newsletters by reading first in English & then checking self with Spanish version.  Two more principals want this program. Have had to tell them don’t know where 2013-14 dollars would come from.