1 Detective_BoyLearning Detectives Summer 

Training Academy

2014 Summer Program for Children Kindergarten- 6th Grade

Teaching Children to Investigate
Their Own Learning

The Learning Detectives Summer Training Academy is a unique  summer adventure appropriate for all children, but specifically designed for children looking to “catch-up” academically and socially, entering Kindergarten through 6th grade. The Academy transforms young learners into actual detectives, teaching them to investigate their own academic and behavioral skills while learning proven strategies to help them get the most out of the learning environments that they find intimidating, difficult, and frightening.

Of the nearly 300 educational summer programs available for children, the Academy is the only full-day summer program of its kind in the Phoenix metro area. Our program offers reliability  and consistency through:

  • Child-centered programing
  • 100+ years of faculty experience
  • Full summer program
  • 6:1 child to adult ratio
  • Hands-on “gamified” learning
  • Movement is valued
  • Week-to-Week options

Daily Activities Include:

Literacy Readiness-

  • Letter Trails- Phonics & phonemic awareness in motion
  • Story Detectives- Reading comprehension, read aloud time, group reading practice
  • Witness Reports- Writing opportunities, activities, and games
  • Typing Tactics- Home row (full hands) typing, games

Math Readiness-

  • Number Detectives- Math facts, problem solving
  • Forensics- Science, cooking, crafting, and projects

Behavioral Readiness-

  • Adventures with Super Flex- Social & emotional lessons, activities
  • School Survival- Lessons that reveal strategies for school success
  • Fun Zone- Daily incentive/reward for a job well done with 3-5 amazing activities available to work on at their own pace

Regularly Addressed Skills-

Recognizing expectations, functioning in a group, self- awareness, self-monitoring, problem solving, personal responsibility, building & maintaining friendships, recognizing emotions, emotional regulation, body signals, role playing strategies, study skills, organization, time management

Who Qualifies? 

All K- 6th grade* students especially those with academic and/or social needs including:

– Needed Academic Skills Support – Needed Help Understanding Social Cues – Low Academic Score or Performance – Social Isolation – Slow Processing – Communication Disorders

*Students should be entering K-6th grade Fall 2014


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What to Expect

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 Academy Policies

Photo Release Policy

Though none are anticipated, the Academy reserves the right to cancel sessions, with notice, due to low enrollment.  See Academy Policies for more information.