“Strengthening Families” to ensure children are ready for school success

Strengthening families through parent/caregiver teaching, the Arizona Learning Institute improves their lives and their children’s lives. We do this by improving parenting skills with emphasis on developing recognition and responses of their children’s developmental and sensory milestones



We envision a society in which every individual possesses the academic, social, and emotional skills needed to succeed in school, at work, and in life.



Our mission is to empower parents, grandparents, and caregivers of children aged 0 – 5 to establish strong parenting skills that result in increased positive outcomes, assuring their children are ready for a successful school entrance and beyond.

Core Values

The Arizona Learning Institute embraces the credo of the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD):

“Let no children be demeaned,
or have their wonder diminished,
because of our ignorance or inactivity;

Let no adults be deprived of discovery,
because we lack the resources to
discover their learning needs;

Let neither children nor adults — ever —
doubt themselves or their minds because
we are unsure of our commitment.”

Additionally, our family-centered programs follow the values established by the following organizations:

Our Shared Beliefs

As an organization, we have a set of beliefs that we consider essential to our purpose and practice:

  • Parents are their children’s first and most influential teachers.
  • The early years of a child’s life are critical for optimal development and provide the foundation for success in school and life.
  • Evidence-based and evidence-informed proven or emerging research should be the foundation of parent education and family support curricula, training, materials, and services.
  • All young children and their families deserve the same opportunities to succeed, regardless of any demographic, geographic, or economic considerations.
  • An understanding and appreciation of the history and traditions of diverse cultures are essential in serving families.
  • Data or measured evidence drives instruction and change for success.


“This is a very excellent program. It has given the parents those steps they need to become successful parents/leaders for their children and others.”

–Parent Participant

“I think every parent should take this program. It helps, educates and transforms parents to be the first and most important teachers of their children.”

–Parent Participant

“Having screening information has been very helpful from moving my child who was failing to see him now making good grades. Readiness Basket really helps me.”

–Parent Participant in Gila Bend

“Readiness Basket gave me so many ideas, that my house now looks like a school. It’s really fun for both my son and me.”

–Parent Participant in Gila Bend

“I can’t thank Readiness Basket facilitators enough for meeting me at Children’s Hospital and help take care of my daughter when her brother had to go to emergency and my father had to go back to Gila Bend for his job.”

–Parent Participant in Gila Bend

“Thank you Readiness Basket for helping me understand what the doctor has said about what my son should eat after he got out of the hospital. I really didn’t understand what I was to buy and how to fix it. You really, helped!”

–Parent Participant in Gila Bend

“Readiness Basket: So glad we found you. As Grandparents raising a child and living in Dateland, we didn’t how what kind of help we could get at the Family Resource Center in Gila Bend. Your help in getting us a car seat and Dental Screening was so important. We will be at the next Readiness Basket class!”

–New Grandparent Participant in Dateland, AZ